The CNC cutting machine Vanad MIRA is distinguished by its simplicity. It is an ideal solution for both smaller operations and companies starting with thermal cutting of materials. The construction of the machine is designed so that it could easily machine standard metal sheet formats. Besides this, the CNC machine works perfectly with standard air plasma systems, because it is based on the concept of CNC gantry cutting machines designed for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting of materials. For cutting of thicker metal sheets, the machine is fitted with an oxy-fuel cutting unit.


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Vanad MIRA 1520
Working width of the machinemm16342134
Working length of the machinemm1820, 3820,4820, 6820
Total width of the machinemm27103210
Total length of the machinemm3270, 5270,6270, 8270
Loading width for metal sheetmm16002100
Loading length for metal sheetmm1000, 3000,4000, 6000
Maximum travel speedm/min12.712.7
Maximum number of unitsplasma + oxy-fuel or oxy-fuel + oxy-fuelplasma + oxy-fuel or oxy-fuel + oxy-fuel