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Consumers are used to see beautiful products made from durable materials in shops. That could be precisely manufactured glass with beautiful souvenirs and designed ornaments, wood which is prepared for various works, beautiful metallic production like gates, fences, stairs, handrails. But it takes long time to prepare a beautiful product from metal, glass, plastic, wood or any other raw material. Good manufacturers know how difficult it is.

Using machine tools you can work with various materials – wood, metal, plastic, foam, glass, fabric. It is possible to bore, grind, shave, polish, mill and execute other works. For instance, using shaving machines you can shave, carve and even surfaces. Of course, it is possible to acquire hand shaving tool which is comfortable to use when you need to work with smaller surfaces or to reach for machine tools inaccessible surface places. However, when you need to manufacture lots of materials and accomplish many orders, machine tools will be a must. Individual solutions how to work with machine tools depend on domain and what kind of materials will be used. It is your own decision what kind of equipment to choose. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some important details, for example, how much electric energy will be used, are there any automated programs installed. These programs will shorten the time of your work and protect the equipment from any deterioration.


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The main priority of our company is to provide customers with high-quality metal working equipment, operational tools, equipment maintenance, repair services and find solutions for any customers question. We are working in Lithuania from year 1999 and we can offer a wide range or metal working machines.

Metal working machines

Metal working machines – automatic or mechanic machinery products, that can cut, grind, drill and etc., pieces such like metal, wood or others.