Aplameta racing is a small team of drivers, who are working with UNIQ racing team- polish team with famous athletes, trainers and mechanics. Nothing can stop us, we are not limiting ourselves and competing just in our home countries- Poland and Lithuania, we like to compete ourselves and go beyond our limits. Our tracks reach even South East Asia – Japan and all possible European countries. At the winter time we are trying out slippery, full of snow and cold Lithuanian track as well as full of sea breeze and warmth Italian and Spanish tracks. As far as Italy is concerned, our other partner is Foo Drivers, who helped during the Italian Championship, and traveled as a mechanic to other countries.

When competition season starts, all of our drivers time and energy is going for a full of adventure races.

We want to wish luck for our sponsored athletes in upcoming events and competition season and also want to thank our mechanics and coaches for their dedication.

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Aplameta Racing