The CNC thermal cutting machine Vanad BLUESTER with excellent dynamic properties, presents a state-of-the-art device designed for the toughest operations. This machine is designated for processing of very large formats of metal sheets with oxy-fuel and plasma technology, including the automatic bevel cutting. The machine is equipped with the fully automatic 3D plasma head, which is ideal for the installation of the most modern and most powerful plasma systems.

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Vanad BLUESTER 20253035up to 80
Working width of the machinemm21342634313436348134
Working length of the machinemm4035, 5035,7035, 9035, 11035,13035, 15035,max 31035up to 61035
Total width of the machinemm39504450495054509950
Total length of the machinemm5044, 6044,8044, 10044, 12044,14044, 16044,max 62044up to 62044
Loading width for metal sheetmm2100260031003600up to 8100
Loading length for metal sheetmmaccording to working lengthaccording to working lengthaccording to working lengthaccording to working lengthup to 60000
Maximum travel speedm/min42,442,442,442,442,4
Maximum number of units101010101010