Welding, as a method of bonding materials, has been used for many years. The most important elements in this process are: metals, power supply, electrodes and electrode holder. Due to the current between electrode and the welded metal, liquid layer od this material is appearing on top.

Typically, metal welding machines are purchased because of the working environment. We offer a wide range of high-quality metal machining equipment , so everyone can choose. This is all that needed for the professional and not only. All metal processing equipment purchased from us is provided with after- sales service.

We are pleased to offer our customers Saf-Fro, one of the largest producers of metal cutting and welding in the industry, and a professional device – PRESTO 300MV. This machine is for welding with electrodes by MMA method and TIG unattended electrode. The ergonomic and ultra-durable body of the device is made of modern materials.

The inverting metalworking machine is the source of welding power in your hands. Saf-Fro welding machines combine a wide range of applications with excellent workability:

  • Invertering welding device is intended for various welding operations;
  • Adapted to work in one place, for work with various functions, with all electrodes, including coated cellulose coatings;
  • Powerful and wide range of welding current and a good working cycle;
  • Simple or three-phase electrical connection, input voltage range 180-440 volts;
  • Hot start (“Hot start”), high bow power and anti-stick system;
  • TIG welding option (Tungsten unpowered electrode).

The PRESTO 300MV has an ODD function designed to protect a welder operating under hazardous conditions. Increased humidity in indoors require extra precautions, vigilance and electric shock protection. The VDD function disconnects the voltage within a few miliseconds, after the welding process has been completed, leaving a safe voltage of 11 volts. The wiring voltage stars automatically after welding.

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