Metal processing, various operations requires not only technical knowledge, but also proper equipment. Drills, screws, mills, turning knives, extenders and other tools for work, featuring different technical features.

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A drill is commonly used for drilling various sockets, holes on metal surfaces.

What tools should be used to drill a metal depends on the surface and its hardness. Metal cutting tools should be stronger than the material that is drilling through. Typically, the drills are made of high speed, alloyed or carbon steel, with solid plate or hardwoods.


Mills are called special cutting tools for working with hard or soft wood, as well as metal. This tool helps you to perform work quickly and accurately – by choosing the right mechanism, the material is given the desired profile with various decorative curves. These can be flat, cylindrical, or bevel and various non-liner or sloping surfaces of the parts, straight, screw grooves, gear rails, duct contours, embossed surfaces, and the like.

A professional metal cutting mill, usually with high surface stiffness and sleekness can withstand extreme stress even under difficult conditions such as deep drilling, drilling without lubrication or without cooling.

Metal cutting

Cutting is really commonly used. The outer and inner surfaces of the working pieces can be cut like cylindrical, bevel, spherical, or flat ends.

Cutting knives are the most suitable tools for cutting, threading, walking, spilling. In the direction of the passage and the position of the main edge, they are right and left. The right knives are slid from right to left, while the left are left to right.