If you are looking for a high quality, efficient and convenient device, with which you can easily fold even the hardest metal, you can find it here. Presses are made of high quality materials and will help you to do that. One of the most powerful types of metal processing machines is the hydraulic press, which can develop much more power or achieve greater economic efficiency than other devices of the same type. We offer high quality metal folding and forming presses, with which you will create the most original form of material.

Properties of hydraulic press

This device has a fairly high weight, which can reach about 100 kg. This weight is beneficial for the device to add stability. Also, presses can develop a very high power of more than 20 t, which will allow you to easily and comfortably fold metal of a wide range of weight and structure.

We can offer various types of presses, than will be suitable for you. Some of the most reliable and high quality presses we offer are from Bailegh branded technology.