When purchasing metal sheets or their products, their size and shape becomes important aspects. In order to meet the requirments of the customer, metal is being cut till proper shape. Metal is difficult material to work with, that is why we are using metal cutting machines and other tools.

We are trying to provide reliable delivery of highest quality metal processing equipment and tools. The same works with repair services for our customers. Wide range of products ensures a wide choice for everyone’s likes and dislikes, but at the same time, we give high quality products.

Mills and accessories

Mills are called special cutting tools for working with hard or soft wood, as well as metal. While working with mill you can make cutaways, cavities, grooves and other types of work. This tool helps you to perform work quickly and accurately just by choosing the right mechanism to work with.

By milling it is possible to mill contours, drill, thread, extend, expand or shape various surfaces of metal parts. These can be flat, cylindrical or bevel various non-liner or sloping surfaces of the parts.

A professional metal cutting mill. usually with high surface stiffness and sleekness can withstand extreme workability even under difficult conditions such as deep drilling without lubrication or without cooling.


Mechanical process

Typically, the cutting of metal working pieces consists of two parts: when cutting manually or in automatic way, chips or sawdust are removed from metal surface and when the metal without splitting is divided into parts. Machinery for cutting metal provides opportunities not only to split metal sheets into parts, but also also to rotate, thread, drill and mill metal.

Cutting of metal sheets without removing chips is considered as cutting. Such cutting is carried out using multi-purpose cutting equipment, guillotine shears. hydraulic punching machines, presses or angle-grinding machines. These machined swing machines handle steel and other materials in extreme precision. Accurate incisions are made many times per minute. New generation machines are designed for cutting thin and thick sheet metal.

The most widespread is mechanical cutting with belting saw or milling saws. In the manufacturing process for the cutting of metal sheets, profiles or other performs widely being used machine tools for general or specialized use. The mechanical process has many advantages, but there are also shortcomings that could damage the final result. When working with poor quality equipment, cutting metal is not productive and the cutting tool quickly wears out. In addition, in some cases the complexion of the metal contour surface is extremely difficult to cut, so its easier and more accurate to cut it with hand operated metal cutting machines. Sometimes by choosing quality machines, you can avoid longer working hours and failures in the working environment.

We offer a wide range of metal cutting equipment, their launch and guarantee with post-warranty maintenance of machine tools. Delivery services, spare parts, inspection and repair in case of malfunctions are being provided.