Drills are designed to process metal and wood, making deep and blind holes in these materials. Also, this device can be used for turning, dredging, expanding, thread cutting, scrapping or other thoroughly crafted metal and wood. Looking for high-quality, durable and efficient drills? We can offer high-quality metal processing equipment, including drills, which can easily handle even the most complex structures.

Drill types

We offer two types of Baileigh drills:

  • With gearbox. If you are looking for a machine with which you can drill even the most sophisticated metal, we offer gear-driven machines, that have a very sturdy stand. This rack helps reduce potential deflection of the device by drilling ultra-thick metal products, while the robust, industrial-grade gearbox system enables drilling different materials.
  • With variable speed and belt drive. These machines have a special head, which is driven by an efficient transducer, which allows you to select different speeds for each drill. For optimal speed selection, this device keeps its quality longer, making it deal for those looking for a device that has been operating for years.

What distinguishes Baileigh from other products?

High quality. To ensure such quality, the most durable and modern materials are used, which makes the drilling units retain their original appearance and effectiveness for a long time. Structural level machines are made of solid steel castings that can help to prevent various folding while drilling heavy metals.

Exclusive design. Baileigh drills features are not only superb performance but also an exceptional design, whose main function is to provide the convenience of the device you use. If you are looking for a product that does not only great work, but also looks modern, we suggest choosing this manufacturer.

Modernity. What other manufacturers perceive as exceptional, we consider it as a basic requirement. Continuously refined parts and components of the device not only give you the feeling of innovation or modernity, but also helps maintaining the longevity of all products.

The most important thing is productivity

Are you looking for reliable and quality drills, but you you do not know the main aspects to look for? We advise you to keep in mind the productivity of each product, because of this feature depends how quickly you can perform the desired actions. High quality, high power and comfortable handling are exceptional Baileigh product features that will provide additional fluidity for your work. Our company’s team of professionals will help you to choose the machines that meet your needs.